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Term grade adjustments for incomplete are considered overrides and are used for students as a temporary grade until work has been completed. Assignments may also be marked as incomplete.
Special grade mark groups are used to assign students to a grade mark other than default. This would be used for students who will stay in a grade mark for entire year, a quarter, or a semester.
Here are instructions for elementary secretaries to upload report cards to family access.
Following are a few reminders quarter grading: 1.) Caution - mass assigning comments will wipe out information that was previously entered. 2.) Directions for printing custom report cards from teacher station: Standards Custom Report Card Printing...
Please click on below link or copy and paste to web browser. This 9 minutes discusses how to set up and use cross entity enrollment.
Attached are directions for loggin into HR Employee Access
Skyward reports this is a programming issue, and have created PR #2133983 to have this fixed in an upcoming release of the program.
Directions for Elementary to print standards custom report cards.
These are quarterly grading tips for displaying dropped students, grading term, and entering term NG grades.
These are directions for Secondary and Elementary "Request Grade Changes for Closed Window."
Adobe 9 and 10 Skyward Labels Settings.
Please review how to set family access missing assignment display for current term.
These directions are for elementary standards attendance and lunch survey.
Please click here [1] for teacher tutorial. To make document interactive, download it. Click ctrl + f on your keyboard to search. The entire link is below, copy and paste into a web browse.