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Accessed Restored: Skyward Outage
Posted by Sara Florin on 01 July 2022 08:21 AM

Access to Skyward has been restored. Thank you. 



We are experiencing an outage with Skyward. We are working on restoring access and will send an update when we have more information. 

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Update on Today's Internet Outage
Posted by Steve Asper on 16 May 2022 05:13 PM

Today’s district wide disruptions have been restored. Technology is working with our service providers to avoid any further service outages. 


More details:

District internet traffic is split between two main connections to the internet, provided by two different companies, in order to balance the load and create a backup route should something happen to one connection. Unfortunately both systems lost connection simultaneously today due to two different issues. One of our connections has been restored. The other is still not working and that company has notified us that it is a larger outage affecting several of their customers. Our redundant system (the working connection) has more than adequate bandwidth to continue to support all of our internet traffic until the connection the second is restored. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Planned Electrical Outage
Posted by Steve Asper on 21 April 2022 02:38 PM

There are planned electrical outages for South Campus (Fri night - Sun evening), North Campus (5-7 AM Monday) and Birch Lake Elementary (5-7 AM Monday) all relating to new construction work. 

District phone system controllers reside at North and South Campuses. We will have district Technology staff monitoring that all phones and other systems power back up correctly after each outage. If your phone number has a 407 prefix you may experience some disruption (internal calls may work) until 7 AM on Monday.  If you experience disruptions that continue after the scheduled outage times, please contact the Technology department.

Bear Tech ticket


Phone ext. 1234. 


Thank you & Go Bears!

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